Massage for Gents

The Perfect “Touch” signature Massage

The Perfect Touch Signature Massage lets you experience lots of enlightenment to stimulate all your senses.
We are confident you will enjoy every minute of your time with us as the Perfect Touch sensory awakening Massage goes beyond physical enjoyment, to ensure you leave us feeling alive and re-energised!
Our friendly and relaxing environment provides you the perfect sanctuary to experience the Perfect Touch sensory awakening Massage.
“Never regret anything that made you smile”

Perfect “Pleasure” Awakening Massage

The Perfect Pleasure Massage is ground-breaking and exciting for Perfect Touch.
Not quite ready to fully surrender yourself? The Perfect Pleasure Massage takes you one step further on your journey to euphoria!
During this unusual experience your therapist will tease your senses with wondrously soft and sensual materials and taunt your body with a mixture of gentle and not so gentle percussion instruments, ice and hot wax.
With blindfold and headphones on, your sense of touch will be heightened to the extreme and you will experience the thrilling pleasure and excitement of not knowing what your therapist will do next!
Is the Perfect Pleasure Massage for you? Try it and find out what secrets you have been missing out on!
“Sight is the least sensual of all the senses, and we strain ourselves to see everything through the eye”

Perfect “Surrender” Enlightening Massage

An extremely exciting experience, the Perfect Surrender Massage is a combination of a stimulating massage with a daring and spicy touch.
During this unique massage, you surrender yourself, you are blindfolded, restrained…and waiting…what will happen next?
The masseuse will control you. It is no longer up to you, the only thing she wants from you is total surrender……do you dare?
Perfect Surrender Massage; is it for you? Try it and find out just how much you will like it!
Perfect Surrender Massages are given with a Collar, Restraints, Blindfold and Headphones.
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious”

Perfect Touch Mystery Massage

The ultimate indulgence in the sensuous art of massage for men and women…imagine this; you are shown to your luxurious massage room by our friendly receptionist, you make yourself comfortable, face down on the massage table and put on your blindfold in anticipation of what’s to come…your ‘mystery masseuse’ knocks on the door and enters the room and your thrilling journey begins…

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